Objectives of HR Planning


Human Resource Planning is defined as the strategy for acquiring, utilizing, implementing, improving and preserving the organization’s manpower. Human Resource Planning is a basic function of a Human Resource management.

Human Resource Planning is a process of ensuring the right number of qualified people into the right jobs and at the right time to maintain the future organizational needs. HR Planning is a system of matching the human resource demand of the organization with the potential employees.

According to E.B.Gisler, ” Human Resource Planning or Man Power Planning is the process by which a firm ensures that it has right number of people and right kind of people at the right places and at the right time, doing things for which that were economically most useful”.


  • To maintain the required quality and quantity of human resources for the smooth functioning of the organization.
  • To forecast the future human resource needs of the organization.
  • To assess the employee turnover rate and attrition rate.
  • To plan to meet the human resource needs at the time of expansion and diversification.
  • To forecast the effects of changes in the economy and their impact on the HR needs of the organization.
  • To optimize staffing function of the organization.
  • To make contingency plans and situational plans for human resource needs.
  • To utilize the human resources effectively and efficiently.
  • To control the cost of human resources employed.
sources of recruitment

Sources of Recruitment

importance of hr planning

Importance of HRP