Purpose of Transfers


A transfer is a change in job assignment of an employee. It is a movement of an employee from one job to another without involving any substantial changes in his duties, skills, status, responsibilities, and compensation also sometimes.

According to Edwin.D.Flippo, “Transfer is a change in job, where a new job is substantially equal to the old job in terms of pay, status, and responsibility”.


Transfers are the tools of an organization for improving the organization’s workforce utilization and efficiency, some of the objectives of transfers are as follows,

  • To meet the organizational requirements
  • To meet employees requirements
  • To ensure better utilization of human resources
  • To make employee more versatile
  • To adjust the workforce of an organization
  • To reduce conflict and incompatibility
  • To maintain a tenure system
  • To accommodate family-related issues.

Types of promotions

Procedure For Disciplinary Action

Procedure For Disciplinary Action