Sources of Recruitment


The process of finding and attracting the capable employees for employment is called as recruitment. Recruitment involves searching for the potential and eligible candidates to persuade them for applying for the job in the organization.

Recruitment is a continuous and positive process whereby the firm attempt to gather a pool of candidates who are prospective and qualified for the future needs of the organization.

According to Edwin.D.Flippo, ” Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective candidates and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”.


The sources of recruitment are the available ways that a company can find the candidates for recruitment and then select the suitable candidates for the organization. There are variety of sources of recruitment and all of them are categorized into two types, they are as follows,

  • Internal sources of recruitment
  • External sources of recruitment

01. Internal Sources

The Internal Sources are the sources that are available to the organization internally, The organizations are more interested in recruiting the candidates from the internal sources because of no additional costs, no training required and many more advantages are associated with the internal sources of recruitment, some of the internal sources of recruitment are as follows,

  • Employee Transfers
  • Employee Promotions
  • Re-employment of ex-employees, etc.

02.External Sources

The External Sources are the sources of recruitment which are available in the society or environment where an organization is situated. Usually, many companies concentrate on external sources for their human resource needs and there are a lot of external sources of recruitment, some of them are as follows.

  • Advertisements in media
  • Campus Placements
  • Employee referrals
  • Employment exchanges
  • Employment agencies
  • Casual applicants
  • Competing organisations
  • unsolicited applicants
  • Walk-ins, etc.


  • Outsourcing of recruitment process
  • Poaching – buying the talent rather than developing talent
  • E-recruitment techniques
  • Social media and corporate talent networks like Linkedin, etc
  • live video interviewing
  • Selfie- resume, etc
factors effecting recruitment

Factors Effecting Recruitment

objectives of hr planning

Objectives of HR Planning