Steps in Selection Process of HRM


Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. The basic purpose is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates.


  • Job Analysis
  • Advertisement
  • Collection of Applications
  • Scrutiny of Applications Received
  • Written Tests
  • Psychological Tests
  • Personal Interview
  • Reference Check
  • Medical Examination
  • Final Selection for Appointment

01. Job Analysis

Job analysis is the process of collecting and studying information relating to the operations and responsibility of a specific job.

02. Advertisement

Though advertisement is costly, it is used widely as it provides a wide choice by attracting a large number of candidates all over the country.

03. Collection of Application

In this step, applications with necessary details are collected from interested candidates. Some companies provide a prescribed form of application in the advertisement known as application blank.

04. Scrutiny of Applications Received

In this process, incomplete applications and the candidates who do not possess required qualifications, experience etc. are rejected. Along with this, certificates, testimonials, and references are also checked.

05. Written Tests

After the scrutiny of applications, a final list of candidates for written tests is prepared. The purpose of such tests is to judge the knowledge of candidate and also to find out his

  • (a) intelligence,
  • (b) aptitude
  • (c) capacity
  • (d) interest
  • (e) suitability for a specific job.

06. Psychological Tests

This includes various tests such as intelligence test, aptitude test, interest test, achievement test, analytical test, performance test, synthetic test, and personality test. Each test is useful for judging the specific quality of a candidate.

07. Personal Interview

The candidates who have shown good performance in the written test and psychological tests are called for personal interview. This is conducted by one interviewer or group of interviewers. They note strong and weak points of every candidate and select the best candidates for appointment.

08. Reference Check

The candidate is required to give at least two references, which may be educational, social, and employment.

09. Medical Examination

The purpose of the medical exam is to judge the general health and physical fitness of candidates. Candidates who are not physically fit for the specific job are rejected even when they show good performance in the tests and interview.

10. Final Selection for Appointment

The selection procedure comes to an end when the final appointment letter is sent to the candidate. The letter states the post, title of the job, salary, and terms and conditions of employment. Initially, the appointment is on probation and after a year or two, it is confirmed.

significance of human resource management (HRM)

Significance of Human Resource Management (HRM)


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