Types of HR Policies


HR Policy is defined as a set of proposals and actions that acts as reference points for managers in their dealing with employees. HR Policy is a general statement of plans and policies of Human Resources department which contain the principles of conduct of all the people in the organization.


The Human Resource Policies are mainly categorized into 5 types, they are as follows

  • Employment Policies
  • Employee Development Policies
  • Compensation Policies
  • Welfare Policies
  • Industrial Relations Policies

01. Employment Policies

The Employment Policies are the policies which are related to the activities of attracting new people into the organization, some of the policies under employment policy are as follows

  • Recruitment Policy
  • Selection Policy
  • Placement Policy
  • Induction Policy

02. Employee Development Policies

The Employee Development Policies are related to the development and reward management aspects of the people of the organization.

  • Training and Development Policy
  • Career Planning and Counselling
  • Performance Appraisal Policy
  • Rewards and Promotion Policy
  • Employee transfer Policy

03. Compensation Policies

The Compensation Policies deals with the wage and salary payments for the people in the organization, they are as follows

  • Minimum Wage Policy
  • Methods of wage payments
  • Job Evaluation Policy
  • Profit-sharing Policy, etc.

04. Welfare Policies

Welfare Policies are the policies that deal with the welfare and safety aspects of the people working in the organization. Some of the welfare policies focus on the following elements,

  • Working Conditions
  • Shifts of the work
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Recreation
  • Employee Social Security, etc.

05. Industrial Relations Policies

The Industrial Relations Policies focus on the maintenance of healthy relationship with all the stakeholders of the company, some of the aspects it focuses are as follows,

  • Handling of grievance Policy
  • Recognition of Trade Union Policy
  • Discipline and Code of conduct policy
  • Workers participation in management policy, etc..
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Importance of HRP

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