Types of Interviews


An Interview is a purposeful exchange of ideas, the answering of questions and communication between two or more persons. An interview is a negative process i.e., the candidates who participated in the interview are eliminated in every round to select the most suitable person for the organization.


The type of interview depends upon the pattern of interaction by which the applicant communicates with the interviewer and responds to the answers and questions. There are four ways of interviewing a person, they are as follows,

01. Classification according to structure

The first classification of interviews can be according to the degree to which they are structured, they are as follows,

  • Structured Interview
  • Unstructured Interview

02. Classification according to the purpose of interview

Employee-related interviews can also be classified according to their purpose. they are as follows,

  • Stress Interview
  • Appraisal Interview
  • Exit Interview

03. Classification according to the content of the interview

Interviews can also be classified according to the nature or content of their questions, they are as follows.

  • Situational Interview
  • Job-related Interview
  • Behavioural Interview
  • Psychological Interview

04. Classification according to administering the interview

Interviews can also be classified on how they are administered, some of them are as follows,

  • One to One Interview
  • Sequential Interview
  • Group Interview
  • Panel Interview
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