Types of Transfers


A transfer is a change in job assignment of an employee. It is a movement of an employee from one job to another without involving any substantial changes in his duties, skills, status, responsibilities, and compensation also sometimes.

According to Edwin.D.Flippo, “Transfer is a change in job, where a new job is substantially equal to the old job in terms of pay, status, and responsibility”.


Organizations use different types of transfers to make the employees motivated and also for various purposes which include loss management, senior staff utilization, etc. Some of the types of transfers used by the management of organization are as follows,

01. Production Transfers

Production Transfers are used to meet production targets or avoid inevitable layoffs in the organization.

02. Replacement Transfers

Replacement Transfers involve the transfer of senior employees to replace the junior or new employees.

03. Versatility Transfers

Versatility Transfers are used to make the employee more versatile and competent in more than one skills.

04. Rotation Transfers

Rotation Transfers are used for rotating employees from one job to another.

05. Precautionary Transfers

Precautionary Transfers are used to avoid misuse of resources and misappropriation of funds by employees.

06. Shift Transfers

Shift Transfers are used when the unit runs in shifts and employees are transferred from one shift to another.

07. Remedial Transfers

Remedial Transfers are transfers which are effected at the request of employees in the organization.

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