Whistle-Blowing and Types of whistle-blowing


Whistle Blowing is defined as the situation of raising concern about misconduct within an organization or within an independent structure associated with it. It is related to giving information to the authorities about legal and underhand practices.


There are three types of Whistle Blowing, they are as follows,

01. Internal Whistle Blowing

Internal Whistle-blowing is raising the concern about misconduct within the organization.

02. Personal Whistle Blowing

It is related to blowing the whistle on the offender.Here the charge is not against the organization or system but against one individual.

03. External Whistle Blowing

It is concerned about an external issue in the society which does not directly affecting one as an individual.


01. Do it anonymously

Let the evidence speak for itself and protect yourself if possible.

02. Do it in a group

The Whistle blown in a group have more weight and won’t seem like a personal vendetta.

03. Present just the evidence

In this type, just present the evidence and leave the interpretation of facts to others.

04. Work through internal channels

Whistle-blowing starts with your immediate supervisor or follows the standard reporting procedure.

05. Work through internal channels

This is the type which is related to going into public directly to blow the whistle about a misconduct. It is associated with very high risk for an individual.

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